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The kitchen has evolved into the style magnet in many homes, with owners going to great lengths to create unique, warm and inviting spaces in this room that was previously only used for cooking and not much else. Kitchen cupboards are a central component of every kitchen. Choosing premium quality cupboards ensures that whatever decor style you adopt in your kitchen comes together in a perfect manner. The models of kitchen cupboards in the UK reflect the latest designs and trends in cabinet making. They also come in a wide range of styles to suit all preferences.

Kitchen cupboards come in three basic types: stock cupboards, semi-custom or mid-level cupboards and custom cupboards. Stock cupboards are mass production designs and quite affordable. Unfortunately, they don't offer much in the way of style and features. Semi-custom cupboards are made to order, and you get to choose what material, colour, size, finish and optional accessories to be used in making the cupboard. Most are made from the same material as stock units and bear a lot of similarities with the latter, with the difference being that they come with a higher number of features and are custom finished to the customer's preferences. Custom cupboards offer the best chance of creating an individual style. These are fully bespoke and are the most expensive of the three options. With custom/bespoke kitchen cupboards, you give specifications for every aspect of the cupboard, from size, materials, design, colours, finish, and features.

Kitchen cupboards are constructed in framed or frameless designs. The framed design features a box and face frame where the doors and drawers of the cupboard are attached. In frameless designs, the cupboard does not have a face frame like in the framed cupboard design. The doors and drawers are attached directly to the box . Other than this basic design difference, they can also be free-standing, wall-mounted or base cupboards, where they are mounted on the floor and act as a base for kitchen worktops.

Wood remains the most popular material used in the manufacture of kitchen cupboards, though solid wood isn't always the first choice, owing to its high cost. Engineered wood like plywood, medium density fiberboard (MFD), or particle board are the most common types of wood-based materials used to make cupboards. They are just as aesthetically appealing as solid wood, with their glossy and smooth finishes giving them a classy appearance. Stainless steel is the other commonly used material, as is aluminum, plastic and resin laminate, thermofoil, and melamine. Cupboards come in a choice of finishes, these being paint, glaze, lacquer, vanish and wood stain. Each finish attracts a different care routine so always follow the manufacturer's guidelines on maintenance and care so as to prolong the life of your cupboards and keep them looking new.

Give your kitchen a fresh look with UK kitchen cupboards. Choose from designer cupboards, semi-custom cupboards and stock cupboards, all offering a unique set of advantages. They come in a wide variety of designs and materials, leaving plenty of room for customization where its needed.